by Comakid


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This project is the result of two different artistic paths and their own endeavour which accidentally found each other and ended up coexisting and interlacing with one another.
Both the song and the video were produced in different moments. At the time they were not aware of the relationship that they would consequently establish between each other, nor the result that came from it.
Like the inability to synthesise the light or the sound with an equation, sometimes all we can do is to observe what they generate.


"Light as well as love, cannot be described in its form. I can only delight myself with whatever it shines upon."


released July 17, 2015
Music: Francesco Cassino aka Comakid —
Video: Andrea Ferrarello —
Model: Lucia Corso
Executive Production: Museek —



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Comakid London, UK

Imagine your perfect day.
Who would you spend it with? Where?

Imagine the colours surrounding you.

The sky looks great.
Doesn't it?

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